The OBX Stars in Reality TV Episode

Vacation rentals have been gaining popularity among the nation’s travelers. Though slow to follow, the media is starting to pay attention. Last night CNBC’s Mad Money featured an interview with Brian Sharples, CEO of vacation rental search powerhouse HomeAway.


Now, the process of selecting and staying in a vacation rental has its own reality tv series on PBS. According to the show’s website, Getting Away Together highlights the “rapidly growing trend of sharing a vacation rental home with friends and family. From girlfriend getaways to family reunions and milestone celebrations, the series shows diverse groups of real travelers vacationing together in some of the most fascinating destinations and staying at spectacular vacation rental properties across America.”

In an age where nothing is official until it’s FBO (that’s Facebook Official, as a teenage friend tells me) and washed out celebrities cleave to the limelight by enrolling in as many reality shows as will accept them, I think that having our own series means that we have arrived in the vacation rental industry!

And of course, since Getting Away Together features some of the most fascinating destinations in the US, the Outer Banks already has an episode. It features a large Greek family that converges on the island for a family reunion. You can watch the full episode here.

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