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We got an interesting question from a potential renter today wanting to know about summer crowds on the Outer Banks beaches:

“Hi, We are from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and we are very interested in renting your unit for our vacation. I will like to know if the beach is very crowded and how can you describe it.”

Coquina Beach

This really got me thinking. Here was my reply:

The beaches of the Outer Banks are very popular in the summer. They are our main attraction on the island with the ocean bordering one side and the Sound on the other. The main beaches where our vacation rental is located attracts many families who enjoy spending their days in the sun.

One of our favorite beaches for this purpose is Coquina beach as it’s less crowded. And of course, First Street public beach access is also a favorite because it’s so close to our vacation rental. To the south an hour is Hatteras, where you can view historic lighthouses, sand dunes and stunning blue ocean. This is also a popular surfing destination. To the north an hour is Corolla, where the wild horses live and many areas are only available by touring with an off-road 4×4 vehicle on the sand.

If you’re looking for carnivals, flashy lights, tourist traps and tacky souvenirs (and I admit we like those sometimes!), the Outer Banks is not for you. But for outdoor recreation, shopping and relaxing, the Outer Banks is a great fit.

Regarding your original question about “crowding,” the beaches are summer hotspots, but it’s all relative. Other East Coast are much, much worse. Traffic does get very congested on the Outer Banks, especially on Saturdays — which is why we offer Friday to Friday rentals. Our vacation loft is also nice because it’s only a mile to the beach and you can take the back way to the grocery store.

What do you think? How does the Outer Banks compare to other beaches you’ve been to in the summer?

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