New Appliances!

New appliances were delivered today! We thrilled to be able to provide these to our guests. Purchasing the vacation rental has been a dream come true, but it’s an expensive endeavor demanding payment in the form of our first-born child.* It was quite the surprise when we were doing our final walk-through in January and discovered all the appliances were either original to the loft (circa 1989) or low-end Hot Point brand.

*Note, I’m just kidding. Our first born was already promised to this guy:


I know you, as our future renter, would not appreciate a bunch of run down appliances, even if you do intend to take all your meals at one of OBX’s great local restaurants. So we tightened our belts a little more and took a trip to the hardware store.

Now instead of this:


Kitchen with old appliances

We have this:




Next step will be updating the washer/dryer unit and then new cabinets and countertops. If you’re staying with us this year, we invite you to come back after we update the rest of the kitchen at 2013 prices. How’s that? A discount before you’ve even signed a rental agreement! You have to contact us first to make a reservation, though.

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